Fashionable Attire


Jackets, ties and equally formal ladies' dress are not required inside the Clubhouse, with the exception of special events, which may require formal or business casual attire with jacket (no tie) and similar attire for ladies.

Business Casual Attire: Permitted at all times in the entire Clubhouse. Acceptable 'business casual attire' includes collared shirts, sweaters, turtlenecks, dress slacks, khakis, corduroy trousers, jeans in good repair, skirts and dresses.

The following attire is not acceptable within the Club: shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, sweatsuits or jogging suits, lycra or spandex garments, ripped or frayed clothing and/or footwear and similar apparel.

Fitness Center: Appropriate sneakers, T-shirts, shorts, sweats, and workout clothes are the only acceptable gym attire

On game days for the Cleveland Browns, Cavaliers or Indians, team apparel is acceptable.

The dress code applies to members and their guests. Members are asked to inform their guests of the Club's dress code