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In keeping with the Union Club of Cleveland’s tradition, we ask that you please familiarize yourself with our dress code. 

A dress code sets the standards of a welcoming environment for adults and families alike.  Distinguished by the strength of traditions, a dress code is still enforced holding as true today as when the Union Club was founded.  If ever in doubt what to wear at the Club, conservative attire is recommended. 

Members and guests are always required to wear conservative and appropriate clothing while on Club property.  Members will be held responsible for the attire of their families, visitors, and respective guests. 

Relaxed dress is permitted during home games of Cleveland athletic teams to include t-shirts, sweatshirts and jerseys.  Ballcaps are not permitted at any time in the clubhouse. 

The minimum standard required at the Club is business casual, day and night.  Business casual is required on all floors except in the fitness center.

Men: Business suit, collared shirt (including polo shirts) tucked in, slacks (or khakis) and closed-toe leather shoes, deck shoes or athletic dress shoes.  Turtleneck and mock-turtleneck shirts are allowed with a collared dress sport jacket.  Military, religious or public agency attire is permitted. 

Women: Dress, skirt, pantsuit or slacks and blouse, sweater or top and dress shoes (including open or closed-toe shoes, mules, loafers and dressy sandals).  Military, religious or public agency attire is permitted. 

General athletic wear is required when using the equipment in the Fitness Center and is permitted in the garage.

General Attire:  shorts; sweats (including leggings and yoga pants, except when in the Fitness Center); soiled, frayed, bleached or torn clothing; exposed underwear; bare midriffs; excessively revealing clothing or clothing which, in the judgement of the staff, might be offensive to members or guests.

Hats: visors, ballcaps, formal and casual hats (except for women’s dress hats, which are allowed)

Shoes: Flip-flops, men’s clogs, men’s and women’s Crocs, men’s sandals, or men’s open-toed shoes.

  • Special events with the advance written approval of the Board.
  • Ingress or egress to the Front Desk and overnight accommodations. 
  • Children under 10 years of age.
  • Members of the clergy and persons in military uniform.