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Promoting and developing community interest in the arts, and the advancement of the knowledge of the general public regarding the arts.

Presenting concerts and public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures and other similar programs for the public concerning subjects useful to the individual and beneficial to the community.

Providing financial support to a scholarship fund for the benefit of employees of the Union Club and their children.

Providing funds for the historic preservation of buildings in Cleveland.

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Howard Edelstein
Damon Taseff
Elizabeth (Lisa) Monihan
Elizabeth Stueber
Chair of Development
Ken Morgan
Chair Governance Committee
Marianne Berardi
Chair of Art Committee
Joan Ainsworth Brent
Peter Balunek
Brent Buckley
Ryan Cross
Diane De Grazia

Cynthia Prior Gascoigne
Ken Haffey
Kelly Falcone-Hall
Matt Melago
Henry Ott-Hansen
Viktoria Pikous
James Stone
Jack Walton
Kate Wensink